29. 6. 2021

What are the benefits of the Tangle system and what can it offer you?

  Tangle box as part of prop Tangle is a system for interactive light control. A hardware component that makes ordinary lights smart and connects them to interactive elements. Software in which the behavior of the lights can be set. We develop the entire tool from the ground up in the Czech Republic and constantly […]

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24. 9. 2021

Fate threw Tangle right into our hands, says Dominik Stasiowski

  The first interview on our blog has seen the light of day. We are pleased to welcome Martin Kop, Dominik Stasiowski, and Marek Šulc, who came to introduce their project Training lights. We learned how such training equipment works, what the team is currently focusing on, or what the creators are planning for the […]

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